.Andrew Jackson Jihad Get Dirty in New Video

Asian Man Recording artists Andrew Jackson Jihad have always been known for fierce lyrics. They’re all about those uncomfortable blunt truths and the hyper-honest self-depreciating admissions, delivered with a lot of humor in an upbeat folk-punk style.
Up until recently they hadn’t shot a proper music video. So for their first, they chose the angry, punk rock song “The gift of the Magi 2: The return of the Magi” off of their 4th full length, Knife Man. It is likely to be just as polarizing as their lyrics.
The Arizona duo found a way to visually represent their biting, self-hating humor with such a simple yet perfect idea. In the video, they run behind a moving camera for the duration of the song along with a half dozen other random people, who toss eggs, garbage and other projectiles at them. It’s silly and stupid and of course shows that they are more than willing to take a hit for their fan’s amusement. But like their lyrics, it’s also insightful. Andrew Jackson Jihad are punk rock jesters, traveling the world serving a much needed function for thousands of people, bringing a big cathartic release to all that come to their shows.


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