.Anya Kvitka Releases Four EPs This Month

While everyone’s been waiting for local eclectic soul singer-songwriter Anya Kvitka to record a debut full length, she decided to switch gears and instead put out a four EPs, released each week this month, and one song at a time.
Last week she released the first EP, Ruby Rhod, and this week she will be releasing her second EP, Mr. zOrg.
“I see them as their own short bodies of work, and they represent all of the sides of me,” Anya says. “I’m pretty schitzo when it comes to this stuff. Instead of doing a single every time that’s very different from the last one, I wanted to make more of a body of work that resembled a side of me. I wanted to organize it a little better and say ‘look it’s not just these completely random singles.’”
The titles of the EPs are taken from characters from the film Fifth Element. The third and fourth EP will continue with this theme with Diva Pavalaguna and Leeloo, respectively.
“I’m a huge fan of the Fifth Element. I named each EP after a character—what I associate with that character. Like the first one is based off of Chris Tucker’s character, Ruby Rhod. It’s funky fresh—like future funk. The second one is Mr. zOrg. He’s supposed to be the evil character, so it’ll be darker, more hard hitting songs,” Anya says.
The third EP, Diva Pavalaguna will be more atmospheric, ambient house-influenced songs, while the final EP Leeloo, will be reflect more of Anya’s sassy, soulful side.
Stay tuned for more details on Anya’s full-length album.
Visit Anya’s website for details.


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