.Dance Meets Video Games in CandyBomber Productions’ Fray

There’s so much that can be told through the simple joys of movement. This Thursday and Friday, the multidisciplinary arts team CandyBomber Productions combines dancing with video game narrative for the singular FRAY at Stanford’s Bing Studio. The performance tells the story of Tullio and Ziya, two brothers who love video games and take that shared passion for virtual reality into their real lives. The performance brings five world-renowned dancers to the Stanford stage, blending hip hop dance stylings with an array of kinetic art and digital aesthetics, all showcasing the siblings’ love language over the course of time.


Thu-Fri, 8pm, $45

Bing Studio, Stanford

Grace Stetson
Grace Stetsonhttps://www.gracestetson.com
Born and raised in Sunnyvale, Grace Stetson is a freelance journalist and content strategist currently based in Santa Cruz. She mainly covers housing, development and homelessness for publications in Santa Cruz County, but additionally writes on arts and entertainment topics for publications across the greater Bay Area. When not working, you can find her at a local coffee shop, independent movie theater, or out on a hiking trail.


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