.The Limousines Roll Out to Music in the Park

Silicon Valley electronic music fans rejoice, for we are about to witness the return of hometown heroes the Limousines. 

The Santa Clara County-based duo of Eric Victorino and Giovanni Giusti takes the stage this weekend for the second installment of 2023’s Music In the Park in San Jose. It’s only the second show the duo has performed in the past 8 years. 

Well, kind of. 

“We played in Campbell for a friend’s party as kind of a warm-up,” Victorino says. “But this will be our first, real, non-Christmas show in years.” 

Locals familiar with the electronic scene already know that the Limousines’ decade of XXXMAS parties at The Ritz were legendary. But after four years of hiatus, they’re bringing the party back just when we need it the most. 

“When we play live, the songs from Get Sharp [the band’s 2010 debut full-length] are just fun,” admits Victorino. “There’s not enough fun in the world right now, so we’re focused on playing those bounce tracks.”

Giusti and Victorino “met” online in 2007, trading beats and lyrics. By 2011 they had several songs on rotation at Live 105 FM and Sirius XM radio, an underground hit debut album, nods and video rotation on MTV and a record contract. 

But behind the scenes, things were not as bright. The band’s relationship with their label soured, leaving the duo to write about the darkness on their 2013 crowdfunded record, Hush.

Throughout the years the band would continue to play and even release new songs, like 2015 single “Stumble Back to You” and 2019’s “Parachute,” but the time between shows grew longer and longer.  

“I wanted to quit music completely,” Victorino says. “I have a toddler now, a really good job that I love and I thought ‘Let’s just leave the music behind.’” 

But when his wife’s grandfather, country musician Wayne Osbourne, died in February, Victorino had second thoughts. 

“His great-grandkids knew him as a musician so when he passed it hit me,” he says. “Having a good job is awesome but my kid’s not going to know me as a musician if I’m not making music.” 

With the band now reunited, Victorino says fans old and young can expect to get their happy dance on this weekend. 

“I don’t think the world needs any more negativity,” he says. “It needs people to go out and have a good time.” 

The Limousines, CeeLo Green, Tony Lindsay

Music in the Park

Fri, 5pm, $35 advance/$45 door

Plaza de Cesar Chavez, San Jose 


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