.Thundercat in San Jose

Music lovers are in for a show. Thundercat is coming to electrify the town. Bassist Thundercat fuses elements of jazz, funk, soul and electronic music to create a genre-defying sound that’s as ethereal as it is groovy. His skills on the bass guitar are undeniable, and he effortlessly weaves intricate basslines into his compositions. Thundercat’s lyrics often explore themes of love, existentialism and the absurdities of modern life, adding depth to his music. With critically acclaimed albums like Drunk and collaborations with artists like Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar, Thundercat continues to push boundaries and redefine the possibilities of contemporary music, making him a true musical innovator. Catch Thundercat at the San Jose Civic Center.


Mon, 8pm, $69-144

San Jose Civic Center, San Jose

Thundercat’s “Dragonball Durag” music video


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