.True Justice and Nump bring “No Sleep Till Cinco de Mayo” show to Johnny V’s

A couple years back Berkeley DJ, True Justice played a show he’d never forget—opening for Biz Markie in San Jose on Cinco de Mayo. He had such a good time he wants to do it all over again. Getting Biz Markie to come play isn’t exactly the easiest thing to, but that was ok, what True Justice really loved was the party atmosphere in San Jose at that Cinco de Mayo show.

“It’s a great party day. This year, Cinco de Mayo is on a Saturday which is going to make it party party party,” True Justice told me over the phone.

With all this partying going on, that doesn’t mean there won’t also be some killer music. True Justice’s spastic turntable wizardry has been wowing Bay Area underground hip hop fans for almost two decades. He’s collaborated with a lot of the greats on mixtapes, as well as showing off his convulsive spinning skills at many a show. Co-headlining with True Justice will be Nump, a crazy, raunchy East Bay rapper who surely won’t disappoint in the “partying” department.

The partying won’t be just beginning in San Jose. By the time they reach us, the party will have been under way for almost a week. They’re calling it “No sleep till Cinco de Mayo” because they’ll be playing four shows along the way at Las Vegas, Riverside, Concord and Nevada City, and they’re promising to not do a whole lot of sleeping in the process. By the time they take the stage at Johnny V’s the crew will either be totally pumped up with hyper-testosterone mania or completely out of their minds and hallucinating from lack of sleep. In other words, it should be good.

Several other great hip hop artists are on the bill including Distant Relatives, the Bayliens, DLabrie and YDMC.

True Justice and Nump play Johnny V’s on May 5th. Show starts at 9:30p. Tickets are $5 before 9:30p and $7 till close.

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