.SJPD Wants to Stockpile Military Weapons

The SJPD wants to purchase military equipment that can be used against criminal suspects and unruly protestors

The San Jose Police Department asked the City Council on Tuesday for permission to purchase and stockpile military equipment that can be used against criminal suspects, as well as citizens who engage in unruly protests.

Police Chief ANTHONY MATA wants 19 more Penn Arms 40mm L140 launchers, which can fling “non-lethal” sandbags at crowds, bringing the department’s inventory to 168.

The launchers are necessary to supplement the declining supply of stun bag shotguns, the agency says. According to SJPD, the sad story is that “Remington went out of business, making it impossible to repair them when they break, so the available supply of stun bag shotguns is dwindling.”

The Department is also seeking to beef up its 22-unit drone fleet, adding 12 more pilotless flying objects. The police chief told the council the crafts, some of which are outfitted with spotlights and loudspeakers, “will assist in the apprehension of violent felons” and serve warrants to people suspected of committing crimes against children. 

SV De-Bug’s RAJ JAYADEV submitted a letter of opposition that called the acquisitions “redundant and excessive.” 

During the 2020 GEORGE FLOYD protests, “San Jose police violence against protesters—mainly young people of color—was one of the worst in the country, resulting in national news coverage, serious injuries, numerous civil rights lawsuits, and settlements,” the letter pointed out.


  1. This is a really, really BAD idea! Think about it – if the police have those kinds of weapons – the “creeps” that kill, rob, kidnap, etc. – THEY will get the same or similar weapons! THINK ABOU THIS CLEARLY. You are NOT thinking this through properly! DO NOT DO THIS – it will encourage the “bad guys” to get the same weapons!! DO NOT DO THIS- There ARE better ways!

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    • The 40mm non-lethal sandbag launchers that the police want (the one that is pictured here) is not sold to the public anywhere, not even on the internet. They are only available to the police.

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