.Holiday Highs

DECK THE HALLS: Nothing says season’s greetings like bud boughs.

OK. So you totally spaced out and forgot that Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa/Festivus is coming up, right? But chill out for a minute—we can think of an easy way to do that—and read this week’s column for some of the best holiday gift ideas for your favorite ston … er, patient.


$3.99–$4.99; g-kap.com

Problem: Sharing is caring, but when friends pass around pipes and bongs, their cooties go around, too. Solution: To make the puff-puff-pass a less germy affair, some guys in Palo Alto—heads up, shop-local lovers—came up with a line of flexible, germ-killing glassware covers. Called G-Kap, these caps feature an “IonPure” antibacterial additive to cut down on germs. G-Kap makes two models, one for bongs and one for pipes. Both are stretchy enough to fit a wide range of glass. Pipe caps are designed to fit a standard ash filter, keeping burnt buds out of the mouth. They come in a bunch of cool colors, too.


$7.99 and up; kindstack.com

Billed as the “Swiss Army Knife for storage and consumption,” Kindstack provides an easy way to organize and transport meds. The basic model is three stackable storage containers that hold up to four grams each. At just 2.5 inches in diameter, the cylinders eliminate the need for multiple containers and can also store papers, mini-lighters, or an attorney’s business card. Kindstack also makes a diamond-tip grinder that’s held shut with a magnetic lid and a 2-inch, 60x magnifier with a built-in UV light—both of which fit neatly inside their cylindrical containers.

Weed! The Card Game

$4.99; amazon.com

Perfect for when friends get together in the living room and need something fun to do that doesn’t require a lot of concentration, Weed! The Card Game lets players compete in a quest to grow the biggest, healthiest pot garden. Players can sabotage others by planting dandelions in their crops or busting them for possession. The Potzilla card—a giant, flame-breathing lizard—wreaks havoc on everyone’s stash.

Cigarette cases

$15 and up; MedMar Healing Center, 170 S. Autumn St., San Jose

The thin paper on joints and pre-rolls get banged up pretty easily. San Jose’s MedMar Healing Center carries several types of cigarette cases in wood, acrylic or silver with prices that fit all kinds of budgets.

Sweet tooth?

Available at dispensaries across the South Bay; budbarber.com

Finally, when looking for some smokeless meds for a fellow patient, check out the Bud Barber’s line of medicated cookies. Each day, the San Jose–based bakers create 22-gram chocolate chip or sugar cookies loaded with 120 mg of cannabis. Each cookie comes in at a diet-friendly 140 calories. The Bud Barbers also submit their goods to Steephill Labs, the cannabis Bay Area testing facility that screens for pesticides and checks potency levels.


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