Same-sex marriages legalized

Same-sex marriages legalized (again)

California to gay couples since 2008: “You definitely can’t get married. Oh, fine, go ahead. Now stop! Nevermind (hangs head), go on and get hitched.” The Supreme Court’s ruling in June struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Prop. 8, allowing homosexual couples in Santa Clara County to stop worrying about their fickle state and finally tie the knot.


For years San Jose police have forced detainees to sit on the curb more—with black and Latino residents being stopped far more often than whites and Asians. But for the first time in its brief history of independent oversight, the city decided to track those incidents. Officers now have to report why they pulled someone over, even if it doesn’t end in an arrest. They have to report information about the person, including race, age and other distinguishing characteristics, so the city can finally determine if there is a population that’s unfairly targeted. The results of the recordkeeping remain to be seen.

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