.The Mowgli's to Show Their Love at The Ritz

When it comes to picking songs for that carefree, windows-down summer playlist, front seat selectors would do well to consider The Mowgli’s. With acoustic anthems about holding hands beneath a California sunset and disco-punk celebrations of kissing in the dark, the SoCal indie-pop outfit have built a career upon songs in praise of life, laughter and, above all, love.

Indeed, love takes center stage at every Mowgli’s show and on every Mowgli’s record—not just through the band’s music and lyrics, but also through the deep love and appreciation they all have for each other as fellow musicians.

“We all love what we do, from making and playing music to performing that music,” says Katie Jayne Earl, the band’s cherry red-headed vocalist. Speaking from the group’s hometown in Los Angeles, Earl shares that her group’s creative process is based upon collaboration and sharing the spotlight.

“Everyone is really multitalented, so it’s really about making sure that everybody who wants to express themselves differently on the record or on stage has that opportunity,” Earl says. Guitarists Colin Dieden and Josh Hogan, bassist Matthew Di Panni, keyboardist Dave Appelbaum and drummer Andy Warren all sing, and it’s not uncommon for the band members to switch instruments and play with vocal arrangements on stage “We’re always pushing ourselves to be a little bit better and a little bit braver in our craft.”

The Mowgli’s play a particularly vibrant brand of indie rock—full of sunny ukulele chords and choral melodies that are easy on the ears.

Spreading positivity and good vibes is what the band strives to do on stage, as well as off stage through charity work. Last year, The Mowgli’s released the single “Room for All of Us” and donated the proceeds from the song to the International Rescue Committee, a refugee-relief nonprofit. They also wrote “I’m Good,” the single off their sophomore album, Kids in Love, for an anti-bullying campaign.

That’s not to say The Mowgli’s don’t have their faults, Earl says.

“We’re definitely assholes in a lot of ways—just like everybody else—but when it comes to giving back, it’s a really easy thing for us to do,” the singer says. “I seriously can’t stress that enough. If more people knew just how easy it is to make a big difference in somebody else’s life, hopefully more people would make the choice to do that.”

The band recently wrapped recording on their third studio album, due this fall on Photo Finish Records. The as-yet-untitled album was produced by Mike Green, whose past credits include Paramore’s All We Know is Falling and All Time Low’s Dirty Work. Earl says the recording process as “really chill and super awesome,” noting that Green’s production style, paired with minimal outside pressure or opinion from their label, cleared the way for the band to just make music.

“Nobody heard any demos and we didn’t have to get anybody’s approval during the process,” she says. “We just made the record that we wanted to make. We listened to each other a lot, and everybody was the bravest version of themselves when it came to giving their input and sharing ideas. We got a chance this time to hear everybody, because we trust each other after all these years.”

The Mowgli’s upcoming show at The Ritz—which serves as a warm-up before the band embarks on a nationwide tour—will give fans an opportunity to hear a lot of the new music live for the first time. For Earl, being on the road and interacting with fans every night gives the band the ability to spread their positive vibes to audiences across the states, and reminding fans that love is really what it’s all about.

“I think we try to tell people the same things that we try to remind ourselves—because we all need a reminder every once in awhile,” Earl says. “It’s not always easy being the best version of yourself, and we all fail at it regularly. Every once in awhile you need to remember to hit the refresh button.”

The Mowgli’s
Jul 3, 8pm, $20-$23
The Ritz, San Jose


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