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‘Pretender’ Gets Real

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Childlike humor and grown-up tragedy converge, as a puppeteer works to overcome the loss of his wife in ‘The Great Pretender.’

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Rolling On

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Silicon Valley Roller Girls search for a home after the closure of SJ Skate.

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Riding the Rails

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The art produced by artists like Hank Miller and photographed by Steven Bay is both a creative outlet and chronicle of the dispossessed.

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Heavy Lifting

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'People have connected with my story,' says Kali, who comes to San Jose this weekend for the FitExpo to promote his new book.

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Red, White and To-Do

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The short list of Fourth of July fireworks and festivities.

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Off-Screen Drama

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RCA head David Sarnoff and independent inventor Philo T. Farnsworth race to be first to claim the patent for inventing television.

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Original Gangsters

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Famed criminals Bonnie and Clyde were also music lovers.

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Sketchy Humor

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After a long hiatus, Otis Gates returns to comedy with an all-original show.

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Collective Soul

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Emily Fisher Landau's Legacy collection at San Jose Museum of Art documents a dramatic shift in art.

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Lost in Translation

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The Language Archive opens to the dysfunctional marriage of George and Mary.

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Artik Circle

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90 different artists will be featured at Artik Art & Architecture’s 20th anniversary show.

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New Heights

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Emilio Cortez, AKA DJ Too Tall, uses old vinyl records as canvasses for his paintings.

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‘Dream’ Dance

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Dancer Ruth Ichinaga performs in ‘When Dreams Are Interrupted.’

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Size Matters

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Cantor Arts Center show explores early photographer Carleton Watkins’ timeless landscapes.

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Monster Celebration

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Godzilla will be among the cinematic creatures, superheroes and comic characters feted at the Big Wow! Comic Fest.

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Go For ‘Broke’

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New show at the Arsenal features fanciful illustrations by artist Joe To.

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Whole Hart

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Artist Andre Hart frequently changes his painting style to keep his creativity at its peak.

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Group Thinking

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Comedian Sanderson Jones co-founded Sunday Assembly, a non-religious weekly gathering that has spread to all seven continents.

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Building an Empire

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In just six years, Empire Seven Studios has made a name with its gallery and mural projects.

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Drawn In

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Free Comic Book Day on the first Saturday in May, is an annual worldwide promotion.

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