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The Tabard Theatre's 'Violet' is a rousing spiritual journey in song.

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American ‘Death’

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Written in 1949, 'Death of a Salesman' remains as resonant today as ever.

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Every Man Is An Island

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The new Empire Seven Studios exhibit, 'Alone, Together,' explores loneliness in the big city.

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Shark Art

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This Friday at Seeing Things Gallery, Jason Adams will debut his highest profile show to date.

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War Requiems

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Adam Hochschild, speaking at Stanford, honors those who tried to end the War to End All Wars.

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Foreign Relations

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Art imitates life imitating art in the City Lights Theater production of 'M. Butterfly.'

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Dancing Outside the Box

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With Bodies of Technology, Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley ponders the collision of dance and technology.

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When in Drought

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Andrew Schoultz's new mural in Japantown is a commentary on California's water crisis.

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Working Marriage

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Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman are each in 'a unique position to influence the literary world.'

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Odd Trio

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A brother, sister and their surrogate sibling unpack family baggage in 'The Lake Effect.'

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Following The Stars

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Diana Thater's new exhibit ponders the connections between dung beetles and the luminous arm of our galaxy.

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Art Underfoot

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Whether skateboarding or making prints, Sid Enck Jr. finds inspiration in the surrounding landscape.

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Detail Work

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An upcoming exhibition at the San Jose Museum of Art offers an intimate glimpse into the process of one of Mexico's preeminent muralists.

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Totally Photoshopped

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The Computer History Museum marks 25 years of Photoshop with 'Adobefest.'

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The Heretic

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Livestock is the only hope for a dying planet according to Allan Savory.

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Merry Printster

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The works of Bruce Conner, who punked the art world elite, are on display at the SJICA.

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Bits and Beauty

Thumbnail for Bits and Beauty

For Klawe, math and art are similar pleasures.

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Treading Too Lightly

Thumbnail for Treading Too Lightly

'Where Angels Fear to Tread' takes 'welcome' risk, lacks follow through.

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Shop Online IRL

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Bonobos offers customers a personalized styling session at their brick-and-mortar store at Santana Row.

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DIY Photo

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'Proof of Experience' shows two emerging photographers drawing from rebel skateboarding past.

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